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Walsall Case Study

Our Objectives

  • To reduce complaints by improving hospital experience for patients, visitors and staff
  • To introduce regular, organized, morale-boosting events on wards
  • To lift energy levels so that staff, patients and visitors communicate better with one another
  • To ensure a mutually beneficial experience for those giving and receiving care
  • To prove that it is not just money and resources, but the gift of time that helps deliver Dignity

What We Did

  • Throughout 2011, we worked in close partnership and continuous communication with strong nursing leadership at Walsall Manor Hospital to introduce our simple ideas for restoring dignity with ‘tender loving care’. Among them: Sue Hartley (Director of Nursing); Kathryn Halford (Associate Director of Nursing); Sonia Jenkinson (Lead Nurse for Stroke); Jennifer Robinson (Lead Nurse for Elderly Care and Dignity, and other matrons and assistants.
  • We also engaged as many people interacting with the wards as possible, including doctors, therapists, volunteers, patients, carers, directors and a range of other hospital staff.
  • We harnessed the help of the local community to organize events including: retired teachers with spare hours to read to patients; drama students seeking an audience for their plays; 200 hours of treatments from student beauticians in need of work experience; choirs looking for a venue to hone their skills; pet owners from

The results

Feedback from Walsall Manor Hospital claims that:
  • Matrons have reported that the number of complaints around the hospital and on wards have been reduced.
  • The morale and energy levels of patients, staff, visitors and community members has improved.


When a student beautician gave my wife a manicure, she spoke for the first time since her stroke. It made me cry. Relative
I came into hospital for an operation and I’m going out feeling like a model. Patient, after beauty treatment
I was so nervous when I arrived, but I’ve now come out of my shell. I have loved seeing the patients look so happy. Student Beautician

How you can help

We believe that the Walsall initiative demonstrates the potential for Kissing it Better to roll out as Best Practice for restoring Dignity in the NHS, by supplementing existing resources with our gift of time and ideas.

We need your support to do this: helping us to generate awareness, ideas, funding and actions; and to navigate issues and obstacles, so that we can spread our simple ideas that make the world of difference.

Jill Fraser

Jill Fraser

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