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Walsall Manor Hospital's Bingo gets patients talking

Thanks to the energy and enthusiasm of ward staff Liz, Lindsey and Tracy, patients on Wards 1 and 4 at Walsall Manor Hospital are entertained with regular 'Bingo' sessions.

These lively sessions happen several times a week and have delighted many patients and their visitors. Staff across both wards help in many ways including simple fund-raising sessions to raise money for small prizes.

Everyone is welcome to join in, whatever their illness or disability as staff are keen to help anyone who wants to have a go.

The games encourage the patients to laugh and talk together. Many of the patients who have had strokes or other brain injuries are delighed to find they are still able to call out when they have a winning card.

Bingo is just one example of a simple activity that encourages communication in many ways. Although help is on hand to assist any patients who are not able to speak, many have discovered that there are many ways of making others aware of their winning card.

Last week a lady competed who has no speech and limited communication skills. She was clearly delighted when she won and, throughout the afternoon enjoyed all the banter that followed as a result of her success.

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