Nursing Times Award Winner

The School Nurse International Conference Song

A school nurse cares for pupils and has huge responsibilities

Ensures compliance with procedures, protocols and policies

Gives care, including vaccinations, screenings and some First Aid too

For youngsters who may struggle with their health and don’t know what to do

They offer health assessments and give vital medication out

Encourage understanding of what perfect health is all about

And when it comes to child abuse, are always there to make a stand

Meticulous assessments, create individual healthcare plans

Advice on contraception, drug abuse and all those STDs

Ensure procedures are in place to spot the signs of pregnancies

Create a clever system whereby every parent’s in no doubt

That their child understands what good healthcare is really all about

Some vaccination programmes oft can be a pain to implement

Consent from busy parents who forget to read the forms they’re sent

By offering a simple jab that gives children immunity

The value that they render can protect a whole community

Good education’s at the core of everything a school nurse does

Presenting, training, leaflets and some DVDs are such a plus

Ensuring staff can manage every process that’s been put in place

To cope with some emergencies all children in their care may face

If physical or mental, children always have had varied ills

Requiring that school nurses have a growing range of complex skills

In many different ways, whenever children need some sympathy

The skills of a school nurse create an atmosphere of empathy

In July we heard from leaders who discussed our global policies

Considered all the evidence on how to drive efficiency

To share good practice, research, any updates, new resources too

And gave the students in the room the chance to tell us how we do

When children become adults they need confidence and strength to know

The way to maximize their health and share the skills that’s made them grow

The best school nurse knows, very well, the key to all the work they do

Create someone who’ll use those skills to make life good for others too

To all who came, the conference was informative and rational

And gave them global vision and perspectives international

They heard inspiring speakers: all amenable and credible

All visible and confidential, totally accessible

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