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The One Show to the rescue...

A few weeks ago, I switched on the TV and the One Show caught my attention - they were calling for Community projects that needed volunteers - to keep in tune with the 'Games Maker' success at The Olympics. This had Kissing it Better written all over it! We got in touch with the show, and I'm happy to say they agreed to feature our charity on the programme!

Jill spent the following couple of weeks rushing around locating a hospital that not only wanted to launch our project in association with the programme, but also one that was happy to have the BBC filming... Birmingham City Hospital were very keen to be the project 'launch' and Walsall Manor Hospital were very happy to show off their already successful Kissing it Better programme.

The team from The One Show arrived in the Midlands to pre-record some events at Walsall Manor Hospital, a hospital Kissing it Better has been working in for over eighteen months - first thing on Monday 15th October. The reporter is Lucy Siegle - she seemed to 'get' what we do immediately. Jill had organised an acappella singing group that regularly works with us in Walsall and Warwick Hospitals, and local care homes, to sing on a ward and some drama students to give a short performance to give The One Show viewers a really good, visual idea of what we are all about.

Jill will be at Birmingham City Hospital this evening, to meet Lucy and the team from BBC1. We are very excited to see how the production teams take on what we do. Thank you THE ONE SHOW and BIRMINGHAM CITY & WALSALL MANOR HOSPITALS!

Liz Pryor

Liz Pryor

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