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Tea and coffee machines make communal areas of large residential homes more user-friendly

Large residential homes often have several day rooms for patients and their relatives to use.

Although staff will make tea or coffee for visitors, they are often too busy caring for the residents to be available when this is requested. Also, visitors don't like to ask for a drink as they can see it takes time away from patient care

A simple tea or coffee making facility (machine or a kettle, coffee, dried milk and cups) in or near a dayroom helps to encourage visitors to take their loved ones there for a quiet time together.

It can also be a good idea to have the same facility near a garden entrance. Drinking tea, or some other drink together, in the garden on a warm day can be a delightful, simple treat for a resident and their family.

If relatives bring in some decent biscuits or a healthy snack, the occasion becomes even better.


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