Nursing Times Award Winner

Taking time to understand a patient before treatment begins can make an enormous difference

We were delighted to hear this very moving story .....

Having had several terrible experiences when she was a child, this lady was understandably terrified of needing further treatment as an adult. However, when her doctor heard about her experiences, she took the trouble to get to know her and understand her anxieties before the latest treatment started. The doctor asked what might trigger old memories and then adapted the procedure based on what she had learned, using distracting techniques as necessary. The doctor allowed the patient's partner to be there throughout the whole procedure.

Taking the time to build up that rapport made a huge difference to this patient who now has the confidence to return for further treatment in the future.

We realise that many doctors and nurses do this already. But we also know it doesn't happen everywhere.

It's so simple to do and, as demonstrated in the above story, can make the world of difference

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