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Taking a few minutes to gently comb someone's hair can make a huge difference

We were delighted to receive an e-mail from a lady in North Devon who hoped that her thoughts would be helpful on our website.......they are.

She writes.....

'I was with my aunt when she was diagnosed with terminal aggressive cancer and spent those last days with her, mostly at home but finally in her local Macmillan Unit.
In reflective mood she told of how once while visiting a sick friend, she had seen a nurse gently combing an elderly lady's hair for her.
My aunt was struck by the moment of calmness that frail old lady was receiving and that the nurse also enjoyed those few moments, of selfless giving, with her patient.
My aunt's observation was: That nurse didn't do it out of duty but because she wanted to.
Although this isn't 'my idea' I thought I would share it anyway as despite the burden on nurses it was something that the nurse gained from too.
I am now retired and feel that a day will come when I will ask the 'Mac' nurses if there is somewhere local to volunteer. My aunt used to say she didn't know how people coped with their diagnoses if they have no-one to talk to, to be able to ask someone to bring a few things from the shop or to tempt them with a little light meal'

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