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Sunday night in Exeter

Travelling to an event the night before can be a great way to focus the mind on the task ahead.

Tomorrow I am running a workshop for staff from Guinness Care and Support and I have had two hours on a train to think about the fine detail. The only distraction was the twenty minutes I wasted trying to book my parking at Gloucester station via my Iphone. In the end it didn't work and, by the time I had sorted it, I had missed the train. Ho hum.

In an attempt to maximise the success of the workshop tomorrow, I have organised for some local organisations, keen to donate some of their time to 'make a difference' to older people in Residential Homes, to come along to the workshop in the afternoon. I am hoping that, by putting names to faces, everyone concerned will be more inclined to move forward with the various initiatives I am suggesting sooner rather than later.

I am always so moved when people give their time so willingly. There seems to be a limitless amount of help available from dynamic organisations in the community.. The blockage comes when some Hospitals and Care Homes, whose members could benefit so much from this addtional care, seemed determined to go through endless hoops before they allow it happen. Obviously they have to be careful but, too many systems and processes can make for long delays and, all too often, the people offering the help have given up and moved on by the time their offer has been accepted. This is one of the main issues KISSING IT BETTER is trying to change - creating a safe way through the red tape so that vulnerable people can benefit, as soon as possible, from the wonderful help that is available from their local community.

To this end, hospitals are, generally, far slower than residential homes so, I am confident that, tomorrow, great progress will be made. It will be my third meeting with some of the Guinness Care and Support team and I have always found them to be incredibly enthusiastic and very receptive to our new ideas.

Fingers crossed for a great day.

Jill Fraser

Jill Fraser

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