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Shakespeare Hospice Volunteer drivers make a real difference

Volunteer drivers make a huge difference each week to the people who use the service.

For those able to offer a commitment, but not necessarily the same hours each week, volunteer driving enables them to have some flexibility in the time they can give.

Driving someone to and from the hospice (usually you are only asked to do one of the journeys) not only enables some patients to get to the hospice more directly than an ambulance or minibus, it also gives the carer at home extra time to get other things done while their loved one is being cared for at the hospice.

Volunteer drivers provide a service well beyond their driving skills. That one-to-one attention in the car often helps the person relax. As the driver is not usually a doctor or nurse, they often feel they can discuss issues, other than their medical condition, without feeling they are troubling someone unnecessarily.

Many drivers also report that they gain a great deal from the experience. Through chatting with their passengers they often gain a real sense of perspective of what is important in their own lives. Having delivered them safely to their destination, many say they drive away feeling uplifted by the courage and cheerfulness they have witnessed during the journey.


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