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Royal Leamington Spa Rehabilitation Hospital invite entertainers to amuse and delight the patients

Thanks to the energy and effort of the volunteer organiser, patients at the Royal Leamington Spa Rehabilitation Hospital are regularly entertained by musicians and other forms of entertainment.

These events not only provide the obvious enjoyment of a performance, they also give these long-stay patients vital contact with the outside world. Many are touched that these people have often given their time for nothing. They also enjoy talking to them afterwards.

These visits are so important not just for the patients morale, but also for relatives and the staff. Their performances add colour to a hospital stay and are hugely appreciated by everyone.

When my mother was in the hospital she generally didn't not move independently. I was, therefore, thrilled to see her tapping her toes gently during a performance by a madrigal choir who sang a delightful selection of popular songs.

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