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Massive thanks to the wonderful Kissing it Better volunteers at Walsall

I am constantly moved by the amazing kindness of the wonderful volunteers who work with us across the UK.

Our work in hospitals started at Walsall Manor Hospital where I have the privilege of having the incredible support of a team of highly experienced volunteers,. Led by volunteer manager, Jan Martin, they come in week after week to not only support and look after a wide range of community groups who deliver a multitude of entertainment, but also to initiate a growing number of activities themselves.

The vast majority of these volunteers are retired. All of them continue to lead extraordinarily busy lives so I am particularly grateful that they still find time to help us. The range of jobs they have done during their working life have been many and various - teachers, scientists, magistrates, businessmen and women, nurses,....the list is endless. We even enjoy the talents of a former Butlins Red Coat and a headteacher/ musician who once worked with Matt Munro. Their cheerful demeanour lifts everyone spirirts.

Together, they provide hundreds of hours of care to patients and their relatives. Their style and energy always raise the energy levels of everyone (patients, visitors, staff) on the wards.

Next month we are planning a meal out together. The following month we have scheduled a barbeque - a small gesture of thanks for the commitment they give so willingly.

Without the support of these remarkable people, it would be impossible for us to organise so many events within the hospital week after week.

Thank you so much for everything.


Jill Fraser

Jill Fraser

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