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Kissing it Better & Led Zepellin?

I never thought Kissing it Better and Led Zepellin would appear in the same sentence... how wrong was I? (see link on BBC website)

Following on from the interest in KiB after our appearance on The One Show in October - BBC Three Counties Radio asked me to take part in a live half hour interview, discussing our work and calling for groups and individuals to come forward to volunteer and help us run the project in Hertfordshire.

Toby Freidner was sitting in for Nick Coffer - he immediately understood what Kissing it Better is all about, and really put me at ease. I have a very small amount of experience doing radio and TV - but I am learning...

Go to BBC Three Counties to hear the interview - 12.30 - 1pm 1st November 2012 - it's available on iplayer until 7th November

Hats Off to Led Zeppelin were also appearing on the show with Toby - prior to a gig in Dunstable last night - hope it went well!

Liz Pryor

Liz Pryor

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