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Great day with staff from 2gether NHS Foundation Trust

The great privilege of my job is that I am able to meet large groups of wonderful NHS staff and gain an insight into their specialised field.

Meeting staff from the 2gether NHS Foundation Trust, which provides mental and social health care services to the population of Gloucestershire, Herefordshire and surrounding region, was a very moving experience.

I was particularly moved by one lady who, over many years had fostered many handicapped children and, once they had grown up decided to devote much of her time to caring for people with serious mental health issues within the community.

I was also touched when someone told me that, despite physical disabilities, found time to offer a range of skills, including beauty therapy and a range of craft-making skills, to patients in Charlton Lane Hospital - a newly refurbished hospital which provides specialist assessment, treatment and care for older people with functional mental health problems and people with dementia.

The morning workshop was devoted to looking at ways of improving the care of patients and staff in the simplest of ways and demostrating how this can be achieved without burdening those staff with loads of extra responsibilities.

I came away feeling that, despite the dreadful headline news today, there are many outstanding staff within the NHS who are committed to making life so much better for the patients in their care.

Jill Fraser

Jill Fraser

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