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How you can help us

Your ideas: we need them

We say 'your' ideas, but we don't mean that you alone must have created them. Your idea may be something you encountered when visiting a hospital or care home and thought, "Now that's helpful - I wish other places did that!".

It may be an idea you discovered while browsing the web or heard from a friend. It doesn't matter - though we do want to acknowledge the original source and give credit where it is due.

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Your time and talents: we need volunteers

If you have a specific talent (singing, acting, dancing, etc) and are a member of a lively group in the community (choir, drama group, reading group, dance group etc) and feel you can offer some time to your local hospital or residential home for a short performance followed by a chat with patients and their relatives, whether it's once a year or once a week, we are keen to hear from you.

Also, if you are part of a school and think your have pupils, of any age, who could enhance the lives of patients through regular visits to the hospital to sing, dance act or read, we would be keen to talk to you about making a link.

If you simply want to help as an individual, there are so many ways you can do that. We are looking for people to search the web for more good ideas. We need people to assess the ideas that are sent to us. We want people to help us promote what we do. Basically, we need people....

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Your donations: Kissing it Better is a registered charity

Our concern is to enhance the lives of people in hospitals, residential homes and in the community through engagement with that community and by spreading good, simple ideas in health care. Although we receive donations from people who are generous in their support, we have many costs. We travel within the UK to play a part in organisations that foster good health care, we are trying to build up our administration so we can respond to the many daily calls we receive, and we need more publicity materials.

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Your enthusiasm: please tell others about us

Please tell others about us. We are a registered charity and, while we may be bursting with our concern to get good ideas 'out there', for the moment we can't fund a marketing campaign or large staff team. So we rely on word of mouth. Can you help?

Linking to us via our e-mail and encouraging others to do the same - or tweeting whenever you see a good idea on our site will all help (see our twitter link at top of home page). Putting a link to us on your web site will also help new people to discover us.

If you can distribute some of our postcards, leaving them in your Doctor's waiting room (with their permission!) or the hospital you visit, please contact us.

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