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Dorset Country Hospital NHS Foundation Trust help with parking issues for patients with disabilities

Jan Negus, Senior Physio Assistant in Rehabilitation at Dorset County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust sent us this brilliantly simple, but immensely useful idea..

She writes...

I have set up disabled parking information.

I am not sure if you are aware but, to apply for a blue badge, you have to go on-line.

I have downloaded the contact details for those individuals who do not use computers and the contact number if they wish to speak to a person who will then help fill in the blue badge form. They also have to have two passport photographs at a later date. As you will be aware, this is not an easy task if you have a relative or friend in a wheelchair.

I now offer this facility on the Stroke Unit. The IT department have enabled me to have a laser printer. I have a camera to take photos of the patients, cut them to passport size, and away they go.

With regards, Jan

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