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Car drives to a local beauty spot give pleasure to many residents in Care homes

If a loved one is able to get into a car, a simple way of entertaining someone in a Care home may be to offer to take them for a drive around the local beauty spots.

Ideally, it would be great to park and have a chance to get some fresh air but, if that is not possible, just enjoying a change of view is a simple way to bring great pleasure to someone who has limited opportunities to get out and about.

IF you have the time, accompany the journey with a CD of their favourite tunes or stories. This can be particularly enjoyable if you link the music to the outing. So, a trip to see the Christmas Lights could be enhanced by a tape of carol singing.

There are also many slightly quirky CDs available. When I first took my mother out for a drive, I played a CD of famous TV theme tunes over the years. For me, it prompted lots of happy memories of my childhood which, although she cannot speak, I hope she appreciated too.

For people who are too disabled to get into a family car, it is often possible to hire a taxi which takes a wheelchair. Obviously that involves extra cost but it can help add great pleasure to a special occasion.


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