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A box of labelled food in the ward kitchen can help a patient who is struggling to enjoy food

We have had many e-mails about patients who struggle to find food they enjoy when they are in hospital. Obviously, if the patient is on a special diet, great care has to be taken that they get appropriate food.

Although this may NOT be possible on some wards, on others it may be possible to bring in the patients favourite food that can then be stored in a clearly labelled box in the ward's kitchen fridge. This idea must be checked with ward staff first as it is important that the food is 'in date' at all times.

Some long stay patients, especially those who are nursed in single rooms, have been able to have a 'mini cooler' (tiny fridge) in their rooms. This electrical equipment would, most likely, have to have a 'portable appliance test' before it could be installed and the medical staff would have to approve the idea too. But, having your favourite chilled drinks and snacks on hand, can go a long way to lifting the spirits of a long-stay patient. Jane Smith sent us this idea and we are hugely grateful.

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